umjetna ili sintetička tikovina BIOGRAD

Installation of synthetic or artificial teak


Our esteemed client recently expressed a desire to upgrade their vessel, specifically seeking artificial or synthetic teak. In order to meet their requirements, we opted for premium teak from the renowned Dutch manufacturer TopDEK, successfully installing it on their Merry Fisher boat.

The results are more than satisfactory. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, the value of the vessel has significantly increased with this new addition. Synthetic teak not only provides an outstanding visual impression but also eliminates the issue of slipping, enhancing on-board safety. Furthermore, users now enjoy the absence of the need for regular cleaning, as the material repels dirt and other impurities.

One of the key advantages we achieved with the installation of TopDEK teak is the reduction in maintenance requirements. Our client can now fully enjoy boating without spending time on regular maintenance of traditional teak decks. This improvement not only saves time but also money, making boating more enjoyable and practical.

This project has not only enhanced the appearance and functionality of the vessel but also met the specific requirements of our client. We look forward to future opportunities to provide top-notch solutions that enhance vessels and meet the needs of our clients.