brod u suhoj marini biograd

Boat maintenance after the Beneteau Flyer season


On the beautiful Beneteau Flyer, we dedicated ourselves to the removal of shell and algae deposits after the end of the season, paying special attention to details to preserve the integrity of the hull.

After thorough cleaning, we focused on servicing the boat to ensure optimal operation of all systems. All components were carefully inspected and maintained, and necessary repairs were carried out professionally and efficiently.

The final touch was a special boat wash using high-quality waxes that not only provide a shiny protection against the elements but also extend the life of the hull. Our goal was to achieve not only visual appeal but also long-term protection of the boat from the harmful effects of water and sunlight.

With attention to detail and the expertise of our team, the Beneteau Flyer is now ready for new adventures at sea, looking outstanding and preserved in the best possible condition.