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Steps in protecting the underwater part of the ship!


The ship definitely needs to be prepared for the season, so we’ll describe the sequence:

Firstly, it should be checked if the old antifouling is in good condition and adheres well to the hull. If the condition is satisfactory (there may be some minor damage), we will sand it with sandpaper, and then thoroughly wash it with fresh water and let it dry well.

We will apply a bonding primer to this surface. As soon as it is dry to the touch, we will apply the antifouling.

Antifouling is ecological and we definitely recommend it to all environmentally conscious boaters. We have years of experience with this antifouling manufacturer, and our customers are very satisfied. We also have other manufacturers available.

Your boat can go into the water 36 hours after applying the antifouling, but not necessarily, as it can stay on land for up to 30 days.

So the benefits are as follows:

  • protecting your boat from fouling
  • does not require renewal every year
  • saves your money
  • saves fuel
  • preserves the environment

In our dry marina, we will ensure that your boat’s hull is professionally treated.

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