aluminijska anoda

Zinc or Aluminum anode?


What actually happens with the anodes that protect your boat?

Most metals start to corrode after some time. This process is called corrosion. The rate at which metals corrode depends on the environment they are in, so they corrode slowly in the air, faster in fresh water, and fastest in saltwater. To prevent corrosion, we use anodes that chemically protect against corrosion and thus prevent the significant damage that corrosion would cause. That’s why they are also called sacrificial anodes because they take on the damage themselves.

Aluminum anodes are better!

The electrical potential of aluminum anodes is lower compared to zinc anodes, so aluminum anodes are actually standard on smaller boats, Z-drives, and outboard motors. Currently, both types can be obtained in stores, but zinc anodes will gradually be removed from the market in the future.
Aluminum anodes last three times longer, are much lighter than zinc, and, importantly, do not pollute the environment like zinc.

Installation rules:

  • Check if the old anode is worn out to replace it with a new one.
  • Anodes must be in good contact with the object they protect.
  • Anodes are never coated, and the installation site must also be free of paint and scale.

Magnesium anodes are NEVER used in saltwater, only in freshwater, as they would be immediately consumed in saltwater, in just a few days.

When your boat is placed on a mooring in our marina after the season, one of our staff members will check the condition of the anodes on your boat and provide a recommendation for replacement.

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