Brig Eagle 6.7 gumenjak poliranje

Brig Eagle 6.7 maintenance/polishing/wax/stainless steel


On the Brig Eagle 6.7, we focused on comprehensive preparation for the upcoming season. Here is an overview of the work we performed:

  1. Hull Preparation:
    • We sanded the hull to remove any irregularities and old coatings.
    • Applied Hempel primer to create a solid base for the antifouling coating.
  2. Antifouling Coating:
    • Covered the hull with an antifouling coating to prevent the growth of algae, shells, and other organisms on the boat’s bottom, enhancing performance and extending the boat’s lifespan.
  3. Polishing Black Plastic:
    • Conducted a polishing process on black plastic to restore shine and preserve its appearance.
  4. Tire Protection:
    • Treated the tires with a long-lasting wax to maintain their durability and shine. This process also helps protect the tires from UV radiation and other external factors.

These measures ensure that your boat is in optimal condition before the start of the season. We focused on preserving the hull, enhancing the aesthetics of black plastic, and safeguarding the tires, thereby extending the overall lifespan of the boat and improving its appearance.