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Unexpected danger in boat navigation!


Unexpected danger in navigation!
Buoys with which fishermen mark the positions of nets or longlines are not standardized by law. For this reason, they use all kinds of plastic bottles that you can see while sailing your boat. A thin rope (fishing  rod) is tied to the plastic bottles, which is located under the surface of the sea. Sometimes you can hardly notice such a bottle after sunset.

Why is it dangerous to pass a boat over it?
In most cases, the engine with the propeller catches that thin nylon rope that is wound on the propeller shaft and is pulled under the rubber semmering that is behind the propeller, and when the semering (which keeps the oil from the snow from coming out) rises a little because of this, it starts to stick out. oil from the leg out. When the oil comes out, the sea begins to enter, and the gears in the leg no longer have lubrication and the gears break down. In order to prevent such major damage, it is necessary to change the oil in the legs more often (to see if there is emulsion) or certainly immediately after the season when you bring the boat to our dry marinaTrim Nautica.
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